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Stewardship Drive 2023-24

Keep on moving forward ...

January 29, 2023


Dear Starr King Fellowship Members and Friends,


Since last September, our Fellowship has emerged from the most difficult and restrictive years of the pandemic into the warmth of gathering together in person. We have the opportunity to reflect on what we value and experience the joy which comes with being together. Once again, we can enjoy live choral and instrumental music, hear Reverend Linda and guest speakers in person, light our candles, share our joys and concerns, and sing our songs.

As we emerge into a changed world, we can strengthen our Fellowship by not just putting the pieces back together but creating something new. We have reclaimed the space on the ground floor which had been rented for several years. We are rebuilding our highly valued religious education program for our children and youth, creating welcoming space for young families. The pandemic introduced us to Zoom worship attendance and committee meetings and now allows expanded participation for all of us.

As we embrace our renewed opportunities for fellowship, we also must meet new challenges coming from inflation, increased expenses in some areas, and the loss of rent. We need to continue to pay our fair share to the UUA and support important causes in our local community.

Here are some links to our Stewardship packet which includes a letter from Reverend Linda, a review of our financial data, ways to pledge for the 2023-2024 budget year, and three video testimonials from our members Lauren Therriault, Sarah and Larry Wylie, and Deedie Kriebel (see below). We will also send you a brief email regarding your pledge information.

Last year your pledges to our stewardship campaign provided essential support for our Fellowship. We hope you will reflect on the value of our community to you and help us to keep on moving forward by again pledging to the best of your ability and increasing your pledge if at all possible.

This year we will complete our special puzzle as we literally put the pieces together to continue to build our community. Your piece will be added to the puzzle as you pledge to keep our Fellowship strong and connected.


With love and gratitude, your Stewardship Committee,

Mary Hazelton, (Chair)

Sandy Mucci, (Vice-Chair)

Nancy Chaddock

Bob Gannett

Susan C. Scrimshaw

Lauren Therriault
Sarah and Larry Wylie
Deedie Kriebel
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