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With so many things going on, there is something for everyone!


Many things can be “one time and done” such as providing coffee, flowers, etc., but committees are the foundation of our fellowship and we are in a rebuilding phase following the COVID shut-down.


Spend time with the children in religious education classes (lesson plans provided), sing with the choir, work with social justice causes, bring your energy and ideas forward to work in community for good.

Help build our community in a way that works for you!


These are one time commitments for 2-4 hours of help.

  • Yard Cleanup Days - Contact Jennifer Gentry

    • Remove/smooth out any sand bumps in both parking lots & garden

    • Move the wood logs back out to mark the edges of the parking lots

    • Pick up sticks from parking lots, yard & gardens

    • Remove leaves off parking lots, yard & gardens

  • Sunday Hospitality - Contact Suzan Gannett

    • Join a “Smooth Sunday” team to help. If we all pitch in, it will be easy. Each group will be responsible for two Sundays from January until June for the following:

      • Greeters: At the entrances (downstairs at the door and the sanctuary entrance)

      • Set up of Coffee Hour

      • Coffee Hour: Bringing Snacks

      • Clean-up of Coffee Hour

      • Flowers 

Special Projects

Longer time commitments that have closure. Recent projects include kitchen and foyer renovations, foyer furnishings.


Join a committee to help the ongoing operations of the Fellowship. 


Looking for opportunities to get involved? Let us know!  

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