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Fellowship Elected Leaders

Governing Board and Trustees 


Jane Clay, President - 2024

Vice President -

Janet Englund, Treasurer - 2024

Stephanie Halter, Secretary - 2024

Suellen Skinner, Trustee - 2024

Louise Randall, Trustee - 2024

Bob Chandler, Trustee - 2025

Doug Grant, Trustee - 2026

Connie Maatta, Trustee - 2026



Click/tap here for a complete list of committee descriptions and tasks.



The Activities Committee plans and executes activities that provide opportunities for SKUUF members and friends to interact, have fun and enhance a sense of community. Second Sunday hikes are an example.

Chair: Deedie Kriebel

Building & Grounds


Building and Grounds is responsible for the upkeep of the building; its subsystems, equipment and furnishings in good repair and operating condition and for maintaining landscaping decorating the exterior Starr King property.

Chair: Jennifer Gentry

Climate Change/Action


The purpose of the Climate Action Committee is to help fulfill one of the missions and visions of our Fellowship which states: “We live and model our values, collectively creating social and environmental justice with direct action and financial support."

Chair: Nancy Chaddock


The Finance Committee actively manages the financial affairs of the Fellowship. It ensures that financial policies & procedures are followed, develops the annual operating budget, tracks and reports on all financial activity, works with Stewardship Committee to establish the annual pledge drive goal, and oversees the investments of the Endowment. 

Chair: Janet Englund



The Endowment Committee manages a special fund dedicated to community outreach projects as well as to creating or enhancing special Starr King Unitarian Universalist Fellowship programs that are external to, or above and beyond those in the operating budget.

Chair: Jennifer Gentry



The purpose of the Membership Committee is to promote and sustain growth of the Fellowship.

Chair: Carolyn Erickson


The Committee on Ministry works with the minister regarding all aspects of the Fellowship’s ministry.

Chair: Linda Barnes



The Nominating Committee works with committees to help meet their membership needs and recruits members to serve on the Board, Nominating Committee, and Ministerial Search Committee.

Chair: Bill Trought

Pastoral Care 


Working in partnership with the minister, the Pastoral Care Committee provides pastoral care to members and friends of the fellowship. This can include cards, meals, transportation, calls and visits.

Chair: Linda Barnes

Religious Education (RE)


The Religious Education Committee, in coordination with the Director of Religious Education (DRE), is responsible for
implementation and operation of the Religious Education Program for children and youth.

Chair: Nancy Dowey

Stewardship/Planned Giving


The Stewardship Committee works to create a culture of generosity and gratitude within the Fellowship. Its goal is to support the mission of the Fellowship by implementing a plan of action for the annual financial pledge drive.

Chair: Mary Hazelton

Worship Associates


The Worship and Music Committee, working in conjunction with the minister, schedules, plans, and assists at worship services throughout the church year.

Chair: Jane Clay

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