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What to Expect


There are two entrances to the building, both handicap accessible. The upper level offers the easiest access to the sanctuary and the most disability parking spaces. The building also has an elevator. All Sunday Services are available to live stream via Zoom. 

The Service

You'll be greeted at the door and given an Order of Service before entering the sanctuary. Services begin with announcements. We light our chalice flame which may be explained as a symbol of “the light of truth found in the cup of life.”  Then, a sermon, choir, and congregational singing, and a variety of traditional and contemporary readings.  You may light a silent or spoken candle of joy or sorrow at an appropriate time. The service is crafted by the Minister and Music Director with input from the Director of Religious Education.  


There's an offering basket passed, but we ask our visitors to let it pass as you are our guests.

Religious Education

The children begin the morning with us so we have a Time for All Ages—usually a story. Afterwards our children go to their Religious Education classes with their leaders however, children are always welcome to stay in the Sanctuary. 

After the Service

After the service we meet for coffee and conversation in the Fellowship Hall (attached to the sanctuary). There is a hallway with bulletin boards created by different committees. The youth group is usually selling coffee to raise funds to support a community in Nicaragua and we sell Hannaford Gift Cards which provide money to the fellowship. You are welcome to join us.

Those who join us via Zoom are also welcome to stay connected and chat (bring your own coffee!)

What to Wear

Dress as you wish, we run the gamut from “Sunday Best” to casual.

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