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Music & Choir

Starr King Music Ministry has a long, rich history. 

For thirty years, this vital part of our community was led by Mary Hazelton, a founding member who believed in the value of music in worship. A myriad of people participated, and that foundation is the base of where we are today.  

In 2013, Sarah Dan Jones was hired as the Musician for Starr King, continuing the focus on collaborative ministry towards cohesive worship. The Starr King Singers is a committed group of volunteers that practice three times a month on Thursday evenings and sing at least twice a month on Sundays. In addition, there are musicians of all ages and abilities that also contribute to the weekly worship.   

Our music ministry spreads to the entire community. We believe that congregational singing is important to the collective worship experience. Because social justice is a core of our Faith, music is often included at public witnesses. Taking part in events that are sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association keep us connected with one another is song.   

If you are interested in Starr King’s Music Ministry program on any level, please join us! Contact our Director of Music, Sarah Dan Jones. 

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