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Weddings & Dedications

Child Dedications


Unitarian Universalists welcome infants and children into our community with a ritual we call a Child Dedication.

When the child is a part of our church community, the dedication may happen as a part of a regular Sunday morning worship. Often it takes place during the Christmas Eve Service.


Child Dedications are typically planned by the minister and the child’s parent or parents. Our Child Dedications typically include:

  • a blessing for the child 

  • an expression by the parents of promises to and hopes for the child 

  • a promise from the congregation to help support the family and nurture the child

Child dedication at Starr King


Wedding services are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the love of two individuals who have chosen to come together in marriage, and to offer an opportunity for a couple to make promises to one another in the presence of friends and family. 


Because of our strong respect for each person’s individual beliefs and values, Unitarian Universalist weddings are custom-crafted with the couple to reflect their personalities and relationship. In addition to blessing heterosexual unions, we joyfully bless same-sex marriages.

Wedding Decorations

Plan Your Event

Interested in holding your wedding or a child dedication at Starr King? 

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