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Letter from Rev. Linda

Dear Members and Friends,


We, the Starr King UU Fellowship community, fulfill our mission - we cultivate more love in the world and nurture more love for the world. What better collective calling could we have? In fulfilling this mission, we each create, in our own small way, a world that is more tolerant, that laughs more, that sings more, sees worth in all people and seeks to bring about equity for all. None of us does this alone. Together, we live our values better than we can alone. Together, we increase the good we do in the wider community and together, we care for one another. Thank you for the ways you bring this about. One thing I love about being your minister is that I get to witness all the good work, the tender struggles, and deep joys of our people.

As a community we attend to profound matters. We grapple with justice, acceptance, death, the meaning of life, and how best to engage with our fellow humans. We strive to be together in healthy, life-inspiring ways. We offer our children more than love; we offer a rare multigenerational environment. We offer our teens the Our Whole Lives sexuality education and a place to gather. We offer solace and reason, joy, and companionship. We are a people who explore and lift up what holds meaning in our lives. It is because of our Fellowship community that this expression of our values is possible.

Additionally, each of us benefits from the generosity of others. If you attend our worship services you benefit from the generosity of those who make that possible, from the staff to the volunteers. From the people in the sanctuary operating the equipment to those offering support to our online community. We are generously served by those who volunteer as readers, those who sing, tidy up, make coffee, and those who greet you at the door. These are big-hearted acts. These are generous acts. If you engage in any of the activities, committees, book clubs, or meditation, and more, you benefit from the generosity of others, you too are generosity itself.

For these reasons, I ask that you give generously in support of your Fellowship. Your support allows us to continue our loving presence and to fulfill our mission. We are all beneficiaries of those whose vision before us made Starr King UU Fellowship possible. We all come from different financial circumstances. We are not all able to provide an equal measure of financial support. Because of this, I ask that if you can give more, please do, so that we can include everyone in our community of care. Let no one be denied this most wonderful community of music, words, discussion, song, and engagement - all offered in the rare atmosphere of our values, in the care and keeping of all.

Yours in love and faith,

Rev. Linda

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