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Planned Giving

There are many ways in which you can make a significant gift to the Fellowship. Included here are references to important provisions of the Fellowship’s Gift Acceptance Policy, approved by the Governing Board in March 2019.

The Form of the Gift

A significant gift, sometimes referred to as a planned gift, might be a bequest provided for in a will or it might be a gift made during your lifetime.


The gift might be restricted, that is directed by the donor to benefit a specific purpose. Donors are encouraged to make restricted gifts to established funds of the Fellowship which are identified in this document.


Or the donor might leave the decision to designate the gift’s allocation to the Governing Board. The latter type of gift is referred to as an unrestricted gift. Unrestricted gifts to the Fellowship are highly appreciated as they provide opportunities for direction to whatever purpose may be most needed at the time the gift is received.


The gift itself can take many forms and in this regard the Gift Acceptance Policy has established rules for what can, and cannot, be accepted. We summarize some of those rules here—the actual Policy should be consulted.


Gifts Requiring Approval of the Governing Board

These include any gift valued at more than $500, real estate, personal property, goods or services, securities not publicly traded, gifts whose source is not transparent, and gifts that are restricted requiring Governing Board review.


Anonymous Gifts

The Fellowship will respect a donor’s request to remain anonymous.


The Legacy Circle

The Fellowship will also be pleased to learn of donor intentions made, with the full understanding and appreciation that provisions in wills are sometimes contingent on certain things happening and that life changes and other circumstances might alter the plans that have been made. In 2012, The Legacy Circle was established. This continues to exist. You can become a member simply by informing one of the Fellowship’s designated planned giving contacts that the Fellowship has been named as a beneficiary in your will. No details or documents are needed to become a member.


IRA Rollover Gifts

If you have an IRA and have reached the age at which you must take minimum distributions, you may be eligible to make a charitable gift to the Fellowship and enjoy several tax-advantaged benefits.


If the gift is transferred directly from your IRA provider to qualified charities like the Fellowship, one of the benefits to you is that such a gift counts toward your annual Required Minimum Distribution.


Established Funds

The Governing Board has approved a number of established funds to which gifts may be directed. Donations to these funds are the only restricted gifts not requiring a review by the Governing Board:


Starr King UU Fellowship Endowment Fund

Monies spent from this Established Fund must have one of the following two purposes: For outreach to the community; or to benefit programs that are external to, or above and beyond, operating fund programs of the Fellowship.


Donations to the Endowment help to ensure the growth of the fund and the activities resulting from that growth.


No Endowment monies can be spent to meet the needs of the Fellowship’s Operating Budget. Endowment funds cannot be made available for purposes and amounts exceeding the Fund’s provisions without approval of 2/3 of the Fellowship’s Membership present for a meeting called for a change in the provisions, and with a quorum of 50% of the Membership present.


The elected Endowment Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Endowment except for investments which are overseen by the Finance Committee.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

This fund provides our Minister with monies to assist persons in our Fellowship or in the wider community who are facing an emergency financial need.


The Fellowship’s operating budget provides funds each year to assist this important ministerial work. In addition, donations to this fund have been made annually by those present at the Christmas Eve service.


Mary Hazelton Music Fund

Named to honor member Mary Hazelton who for many years served as the volunteer leader of the Fellowship’s choir.


Distributions from this fund are made to purchase music and to create, enhance or supplement musical activities that are external to, or above and beyond, operating expenses normally covered by the Fellowship’s Operating Budget. Donations to this fund have been made by those present for the annual Music Sunday.

Jules Doner Sanctuary Fund

This fund was created to honor past member Jules Doner who worked for many years to maintain the good condition of the Meetinghouse.


Distributions from this fund provide for the ongoing maintenance of the Sanctuary. Donation to this fund are to be made by those present for the annual April Fool’s Sunday, in acknowledgment of Jules’ humor.

Please note that the Endowment operates differently from the other three Established Funds. Monies contributed to the Starr King UU Fellowship Endowment are invested in stocks and bonds. Annual spending is limited to less than 5% of the 3-year average market value of the total assets. Monies contributed to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, the Mary Hazelton Music Fund, and the Jules Doner Sanctuary Fund are fully expendable up to whatever limits might be imposed. Disbursements from each fund are administered by the Minister, the Music Director, and the Facilities Chair, respectively. Replenishment of the funds spent is highly dependent on annual fundraising events and additional gifts.

Available through UUA

Opportunities exist to have the expertise of planned giving specialists at the UUA work with you directly to enhance what can be done for the benefit of you, the Fellowship, and, if you wish, the UUA itself. View information about what the UUA offers.


Additional Information

Speak with any member of the Fellowship's Planned Giving team. Before making a gift you may need to consult your attorney and/or tax advisor to help you determine what is best for your situation.

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