Meet Our Staff


Rev. Dr. Linda Barnes


Rev. Dr. Linda Barnes came to New Hampshire from the Midwest in 2016.  Her life has been a rich tapestry of experience that includes nearly twenty years as a community college biology professor and organic farmer. Linda received a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology in 1996 from Iowa State University and a Master of Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago in 2015. Her studies included a two-year internship at First Unitarian Church of Des Moines.  She also served as a chaplain at Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines.  She was ordained in April 2016.

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                     Tatum Barnes

          Director of Religious Education

Tatum Ali Barnes is a New Yorker by birth and

New Englander by temperament. A lifelong youth worker, he’s been a camp counselor, tutor, mentor, classroom teacher, and meditation facilitator. Tatum affirms a holistic education that honors breath, body, and heart, and focuses on social justice, social emotional learning, and character development. Recently having received his Masters in the Psychology of Education with a concentration in Spirituality from Teachers College, Tatum is enthusiastic to work with youth in New Hampshire and in Vermont’s Upper Valley, where he lives with his partner, Grace. He is continually inspired by the compassion of children, the wisdom of adolescents, and the resilience of young adults. Tatum enjoys immersing in nature, watching birds, writing poetry, and the occasional Dungeons & Dragons game.

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Sarah Dan Jones

Director of Music Ministry

Sarah Dan has been a UU professional musician for 13 years. Her mission is to “spread the Unitarian Universalist faith through music, which I do by empowering congregational singing, shared ministry and active participation in the UUA.” Sarah Dan’s instruments include piano, guitar, flute, voice and djembe. She holds a BA in Music Performance from North Georgia College and State University. Visit Sarah Dan’s Website HERE or email her at