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Black Lives Matter

After a year of study to better understand ourselves and our feelings about being white in a culture of white supremacy, Starr King Fellowship installed a Black Lives Matter banner at the front of the building October 28, 2018.  A lending library has been established to help understand the issues. Click here for a book list. 

A series of Workshops are underway. Click here for access to all workshop videos. 


Nicaragua Partnership

Starr King Fellowship has an on-going relationship with Compas de Nicaragua, an organization focused on empowering women.  Groups of area adults and youth visit Nicaragua frequently to work on projects and renew friendships. Some of us support tuition or expenses for a student in school.  An annual collection called Share-a-Book  is sent to purchase children’s books for the library.  A group of women visit here and share crafts and dances every few years.


Monthly Outreach

Since 2005 the Social Justice Committee features one non-profit organization working on social justice issues. Information on the organization is displayed on our bulletin board, in the newsletter, and in the literature rack. All cash and specified checks from one Sunday’s collection basket are given to the organization. Each year we raise close to $20,000. To date we have given away over $130,000.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Got Lunch!

Initiated by Starr King UU Fellowship in 2012, Got Lunch! Plymouth has spread across the community to feed children during the summer and vacation weeks. Using Starr King Fellowship storage space and classroom space for packing, the program volunteers pack groceries weekly to supplement the foods available to children in the Plymouth Community when they are not in school.  We serve about 100 students each year. Learn more at

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