August 7, 2022     

Thomas Starr King’s Observations of Nature in New Hampshire

Nancy Chaddock

My focus will be King’s book, The White Hills; their legends, landscape, and poetry. Among King’s numerous accomplishments in his short life was this book which helped to build the groundwork for understanding mountains as ecosystems.

August 14, 2022

 CommUnity Crisis Services

 Sue Ellen Tuttle

Sue Ellen will be talking about her work as a Crisis Chat Specialist with CommUnity’s 24/7 suicide prevention helpline.  She will be joined by Ryan Dickson, Crisis Helpline Director.  CommUnity staff also respond to 988 calls, chats and texts from the national Suicide and Crisis Lifeline that went live June 16.

August 21, 2022

The Arts

 Barbara Lambert

What has been your journey with the Arts in your life; musical, literary, visual, performing etc.? What do you enjoy doing now?

   August 28, 2022

Public Education

 Sandy Mucci

Vouchers, critical race theory, charter schools, SAU's, banning books... A discussion on the issues surrounding New Hampshire's public schools with a focus on what the NH Legislature needs to do to serve our students best.