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Sunday Services

November 3

Hey, Look Where You're Going!

Rev. Dr. Linda Barnes, Guest Worship Leader

Sarah Dan Jones, Music Director


Attention asks us to stay present in this moment. Intention invites us to think about where we put our attention. In this service we'll consider what voices we listen to, who and what it is that gets our attention, so that we might more intentionally live lives of meaning and purpose. 


November 10

Faith and Works

Rev. Emily Burr, Guest Worship Leader

Sarah Dan Jones, Music Director and Choir

We covenant to affirm and promote our seven Principles.  If we truly want to promote our values, we must reach outward with action.

November 17

Attention and Devotion

Rev. Dr. Linda Barnes, Worship Leader

William Gunn, Guest Musician

"Attention is the beginning of devotion," says poet Mary Oliver. Her poetry illustrated her deep attention to the world around her. We'll explore how our own focus, how our attention, can deepen our engagement with the world so that we too may feel the benefits of such devotions.

November 24

Gratitude and Generosity

Rev. Dr. Linda Barnes, Worship Leader

Sarah  Dan Jones, Music Director and Choir

There is a relationship between gratitude and generosity, and generosity is connected to happiness. In this all-generations service, we'll give our attention to how we might lean into accepting the generosity of others and in return, be generous ourselves.

About our Services

Starr King Unitarian Universalist Sunday Services follow a traditional Unitarian Universalist structure. All services begin at 9:30 a.m. and last about an hour. 

Elements of a typical morning worship service usually include:

  • Words of welcome

  • Lighting a flaming chalice, the symbol of our faith

  • A multigenerational segment, such as a “The Story”

  • Music, both instrumental and vocal and in a variety of styles

  • A time for lifting up the joys and concerns of the congregation

  • meditation or prayer

  • Readings—ancient or contemporary

  • A sermon given by a professional minister, a guest speaker, or a member of the congregation

  • An offering, collecting financial donations for the congregation or for justice work in the community.