December 4

Ordinary Wonder and the Invitation to Awe

Rev. Linda Barnes
We are surrounded by ordinary wonders. Join us this Sunday as we explore the power of attention to bring us, through these wonders, to the great mystery of our existence. It is there where we might find ourselves whole, beautiful, and humble. 

December 11

Wonder is Where Love Begins

Margaret Rieser, Ministerial Intern

“Wonder is where love begins" writes activist Valerie Kaur.  Wonder is the root of empathy and compassion for others. It is only when we wonder that we can openheartedly meet others and say, "you are part of me I do not yet know."

December 18

Out of the Night

Rev. Linda Barnes

This all-generations celebration pays tribute to the longest night of the year and the promise that, slowly, the light will return. And, from an origin story of the Haudenosaunee people past and present, our RE Classes will present a play about Sky Woman and the creation of the earth!

December 24

Christmas Eve Service

Rev. Linda Barnes

Join us on Christmas Eve for a candlelight service. We will joyfully invite the rebirth of hope and light with songs and stories of the season.

The service begins at 5:00 pm.

January 1

Book Service: What Have You Been Reading?

Nancy Chaddock

This relaxed service offers us the opportunity to share our experience with books we’ve read in the past year and to give the Starr King UU Fellowship staff a well-deserved week off.  Please join us for this on-line only service.