Soul Matters

What Happens at a Soul Matters Session

  • Chalice lighting and a short reading or piece of music.

  • Brief check-in. Members briefly share what is going on “beneath the surface” for them. Typically takes no more than 20 minutes.

  • Facilitated discussion inspired by the monthly participant packet (readings, questions for reflection and suggested spiritual exercises which participants receive a few weeks before the meeting). We will consider the question “What does it mean to be a people of ________?” (see monthly themes below)

  • Check-out. An opportunity to briefly share reactions to the meeting.

  • Closing words or music.

What would it mean to create a space where we come together to connect with each other, with our deepest selves, and with the world.

Members, friends, and visitors of Starr King, you are invited to share, reflect, and serve the larger community.

2021-22 Themes

What Does It Mean to be a People of…

September:  Embracing Possibility
October:  Cultivating Relationships
November:  Holding History
December:  Opening to Joy
January: Living with Intention
March:  Renewing Faith
April:  Awakening
May:  Nurturing Beauty
​June:  Celebrating Blessings

How Do I Sign Up?

Soul Matters Sharing Circle sign ups have begun! Join us for small group conversations and reflections on the monthly themes that we use to frame our worship services. As described in the Soul Matters Sharing Circles website:


In these small groups we use the monthly packets for individual exploration and spiritual discernment. Soul Matters participants read all the questions ahead of time and find the practice or question that “hooks them” - one the speaks to and challenges them personally. Participants then live with -or “walk with”-that question for a couple weeks leading up to the group, coming to their meeting, not with an answer to each of the questions on the list, but with a story about how their one personally chosen question led them to deeper, personal insight. 


Groups of up to ten people meet once-per-month for two hours. To sign up for a Soul Matters group please call the Fellowship at 603-536-8908 or email your preferred group times at Both members and friends are invited to join. It is a meaningful way to explore the depth of our own lives and share with others.


Meeting Dates/Times :

Soul Matters meets  the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm via Zoom

Monthly packets are available via SharePoint. To access please use the address and contact the Admin Office for the password.

The packets contain wonderful exercises and links to other media relating to this month's topic. You do not need to be a member of one of the above groups to download your copy, but we hope you'll considering joining us!