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Date with Death Club: A Multi-Session Curriculum to Explore Mortality in Community



Developed by Karen G. Johnston, MSW, MDiv

Presented by Rev. Linda Barnes

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The Date with Death Club (DwDC) curriculum explores mortality in community. DwDC is an opportunity to learn, share, and deepen your own understanding of what death means to you and how you want to approach death—particularly your own. “This class can help us face death with less fear and more curiosity, with less euphemism and more reality, with less conformity and more creativity.”[1] Join us for one session or all six.


Classes will meet from 1:00 until 3:00 PM on Sunday afternoons.


What this is, is a healthy exploration of death, and the realities of how death is handled in our culture. It is free and open to anyone high school age or older. It is a non-dogmatic exploration of mortality.


What this isn’t is a grief support group. This isn’t bereavement counseling but rather a means to become more comfortable thinking about and talking about death.


Dates:                         Topics

March 12          Getting Comfortable with Death Talk

March 26         Good Life & Good Death

April 16             Hospice, Palliative Care, & End of Life Documents, Oh, My!

April 30            Owning Your Own Dying

May 21              Planning Your Own Funeral, Memorial, or Celebration of Life Service

June 4             Grief: Loving & Losing, Learning & Living


To sign up, email us at and let us know what dates you’d like to attend, or use the form below. Please feel free to share this and invite friends. You can direct questions to Linda Barnes at


Hope to see you there ‘cause we all got a date with death.

Rev. Linda



Date with Death Club

Please make sure to include which sessions you are planning to attend. 

Thank you for signing up! Rev. Linda will be in touch.

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