Keep on moving forward...

Stewardship Drive 2022-2023

January 12, 2022


Dear Starr King Fellowship Members and Friends,


As we begin a third year of life with COVID two words come to mind:  community and resilience.  As a community, we have demonstrated remarkable resilience as we have adapted and re-adapted to changing risks and circumstances.  The importance of our community in our lives has become increasingly clear as we work together to maintain our fellowship while dealing with challenges and isolation in our own lives.


So many have worked hard to ensure our services continue, both in person and via Zoom, and that our children and youth are involved.  You participated in services in the sanctuary and remotely.  You supported and celebrated our solar installation, our new efficient heating and cooling systems, our beautiful refinished floor, and other building enhancements.  You reached out to those who needed help.  Many of you served on the Board and on committees. Through your encouragement and support and your generous financial contributions, you helped the Reverend Linda Barnes, Director of Music Ministry Sarah Dan Jones, Director of Religious Education Tatum Barnes, and Office Administrator Melissa Howard as they worked hard under difficult circumstances to keep our Fellowship running smoothly. 


We have been embraced by our fellowship as we have grappled with isolation, stresses related to jobs, finances, and education, and worked to remain healthy. Our community sustains us in multiple ways and its strength is a tribute to our leadership, our staff, and to you, our members, and friends.


Our need to be sensitive to protecting each other has given us a unique opportunity to connect with each of you individually. Between February 13 and 19 a member of our congregation will telephone you in order to connect and touch base, answer any questions and listen to your thoughts and suggestions.


Here are some links to a letter from Reverend Linda, a review of our financial data, a photo montage celebrating our resilience, and our online pledge form for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year.  We will also send you a brief email regarding your pledge.


Last year, your pledges to our stewardship campaign provided unprecedented support for our Fellowship.  We hope you will reflect on the value of our community to you, and help us to keep on moving forward by again pledging to the best of your ability and increasing your pledge if at all possible.


With love and gratitude, your Stewardship Committee,


Mary Hazelton & Sandy Mucci, Co-Chairs

Nancy Chaddock, Bob Gannett, Susan C. Scrimshaw



At Starr King Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,

we cultivate more love in the world and nurture more love for the world.

  • Our Fellowship welcomes and cares for people of all ages and varied identities. We experience joy as we build community and use our relationships with each other to create a more loving world. 


  • Our Fellowship embraces what is meaningful and beautiful. We offer diverse experiences in worship, music, and the arts through our services, events, and the use of our building. 


  • We live and model our values, collectively creating social and environmental justice with direct action and financial support.